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27.02.21 | Opinions

(Opinion) Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs LeBron James or The Undefined Selfish vs The Caring














By Ekrem Krasniqi, Brussels

    Ibrahimovic is wrong when complains of “undercover racism” only when it comes to him personally and  totally ignores it when it’s about others. 

    We should care and dare speak out and try to help as much as we can to those in need and what LeBron James does out of basketball pitch is just about that.

Brussels, 27 February 2021, dtt-net.com – Zlatan Ibrahimovic disagreements over LeBron James caring over social injustice, inequality and racism in the USA in certain extend contradicts the football star because of his 50 names at his tattoo in 2015, symbolising some 805 million hungry people helped by the World Food Programme (WFP).

If Ibrahimovic still believes that what people, in this case sportsman like Le Bron James, by “doing politics” do for about and for their communities in need, than he should reconsider his assessment exactly because of his symbolic gesture in February 2015 and his complaints of "undercover racism" on him in Sweden.

Imagine if today’s successful sportsman Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be living in his homecountry Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) where, for example, the unemployment rate is 18,44 percent. Would a such Ibrahimovic be ignorant, not caring or silent to his community as he suggests to LeBron James.

With his character at the pitch and out of it one would doubt that Ibrahimovic would ignore and “stay out of it (politics)” in BiH as he tells to LeBron James should do in the USA.

Caring, raising the voice against injustice, helping the communities in need is not politics. It’s a NOBLE protest and effort to see those in need out of problems.

When a successful sportsman, like Ibrahimovic, try to preach people like LeBron James who care and dare to speak out and help those in need, the very same should not forget that success is not measured only with their luxury life with their millions and ignore those who have not the talent or had not the chance  to become successful in sports as Ibrahimovic and James are.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is wrong and he should raise his voice against what he called “undercover racism” and support LeBron James efforts not only in the USA, but all the around the world.  It would be a good legacy of him to care and dare speak out for others in need too as LeBron James does.

(The author is journalist and founder of dtt-net.com press agency)

27.02.21 | Opinions