Energy & Environment News


Athens, 01 October 2022, – The new gas inter-connector inaugurated today which links Bulgaria and Greece will enable the first, Serbia and Romania to get Azerbaijani’s natural gas and the USA LNG from Greek territory, as all countries of the Balkans region are moving fast to diversify energy supplies aimed at ending dependency from Russia.


Skopje, 30 September 2022, – The parliament of North Macedonia today extended the energy crisis situation throughout the country until April 30 of next year following a proposal by the government.


Sarajevo/Belgrade,, 30 September 2022, – The leader of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Serbs and close ally to the President of Russian Federation, Milorad dodik, warned that he will block formation of country’s new government after October 2 elections if central institutions in Sarajevo do not approve construction of new inter-connector with Serbia which would supply Russian gas to the Serb entity from the Moscow-owned TurkStream pipeline.


Brussels/Belgrade, 29 September 2022, – Governments of 27 member states are expected to exempt Serbia from additional oil sanctions on Russia foreseen to enter into force on January 1 and allow the Western Balkans country to receive crude Russian oil through Croatian pipeline.


Tirana, 27 September 2022, – Excelerate Energy company has installed two floating petrol-fired power plants at Albanian Vlora port to generate some 15 percent of electricity needs for the country expected to be operational in January.


Belgrade, 26 September 2022, – Serbian government officials said that with non-binding recommendations it has made to local consumers up to 15 percent of energy can be saved this winter and explained that authorities will not impose restrictions as sufficient energy has been ensured for households and companies.


Belgrade, 22 September 2022, - Serbian government has provided sufficient amounts of energy and energy sources for the upcoming winter, the Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, said today in a attempt to reassure citizens amid ongoing global energy crisis and difficulties expected during the winter, while at the same time recommending to consumers to reduce energy consumption.


Moscow/Sarajevo, 20 September 2022, – The Serb member of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) tri-partite presidency, Milorad Dodik, said he got a favourable price from Gazprom for natural gas for the Republika Srpska (RS) as the Serb entity in planning to construct two gas-fired plants with Russian natural gas throgh Russian owned TurkStream which future is uncertain ones other gas suppliers find and bring to the region sufficient quantities to replace it.


Belgrade/Brussels, 15 September 2022, – Serbia is having talks with Venezuela authorities to purchase oil as the country will be affected as of January 1, 2023, when the EU oil ban on Russia enters into force as the Western Balkans country receives most of Russian oil through Croatia pipeline.


Belgrade/Tirana/Brussels, 06 September 2022, - Governments of Serbia and Albania signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) aimed at joint undertaking to produce green Hydrogen with and at Albanian sea waters, with the electrolysis technology, similar to the EU commitments for a total of 20 million tons of H2 per year by 2030, of which half in the EU-27 and the other half in Africa, on top of other energy sector cooperation projects between the two EU candidate countries in the Western Balkans region.