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02.03.22 | EU

EU countries ban Putin’s Russia Today Tv and Sputnik

Brussels, 02 March 2022, dtt-net.com – governments of 27 EU member countries today approved the proposal of the European Commission (EC) to suspend the two Russian state-controlled media to broadcast in all forms in the EU or circumvent and directed at the EU.

 “By virtue of these measures, the EU will urgently suspend the broadcasting activities of Sputnik’ and RT/Russia Today (RT English, RT UK, RT Germany, RT France, and RT Spanish) in the EU, or directed at the EU, until the aggression to Ukraine is put to an end, and until the Russian Federation and its associated outlets cease to conduct disinformation and information manipulation actions against the EU and its member states,” the EU Council said in a statement.

 It said that “systematic information manipulation and disinformation by the Kremlin is applied as an operational tool in its assault on Ukraine.“

 “It is also a significant and direct threat to the Union’s public order and security. Today, we are taking an important step against Putin’s manipulation operation and turning off the tap for Russian state-controlled media in the EU. We have already earlier put sanctions on leadership of RT, including the editor-in-chief Simonyan, and it is only logical to also target the activities the organisations have been conducting within our Union," reads the statement.

 “Sputnik and Russia Today are under the permanent direct or indirect control of the authorities of the Russian Federation and are essential and instrumental in bringing forward and supporting the military aggression against Ukraine, and for the destabilisation of its neighbouring countries,” Josep Borrell, EU’s chief of diplomacy said.

 The EU said Russia “has engaged in a systematic, international campaign of disinformation, information manipulation and distortion of facts in order to enhance its strategy of destabilisation of its neighbouring countries, the EU and its member states.”

 Today's decisions complements the package of measures which also includes the provision of equipment and supplies to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, a ban on the overflight of EU airspace and on access to EU airports by Russian carriers of all kinds, a ban on the transactions with the Russian Central Bank, and the SWIFT ban for certain Russian banks.

02.03.22 | EU