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13.10.21 | News

Tensions in north of Kosovo erupt again, police and local Serbs clash (updated)

Prishtina, 13 October 2021, dtt-net.com – Tensions erupted in north of Kosovo earlier today, after raids by the police against merchandise smuggling in several towns, but prompting protests and resistance from local Serbs.

Kosovan premier Albin Kurti said the raids have ended now in capital Prishtina, Peja, Mitrovica North and Mitrovica South municipalities.

“Police action against the crime of smuggling in Prishtina, Peja and in the north and south of Mitrovica. Early this morning, the Kosovo Police, in order to fight smuggling, launched raid operations in several different locations in Prishtina, Peja and Mitrovica (both south and north)," Kurti said in a press release.

But in the Serb-predominantly Mitrovica North municipality protesters and police clashed during raids in some  Serb-owned pharmacies, shops and storage depots suspected of involved in the smugling.

Local health officials say several policemen and protesters sought medical help after being injured during the clashes.

According to the police six policemen and one protester are injured during the clashes in the Serb-predominantly north of Kosovo. But representatives of health institutions in Mitrovica North say ten Serb protesters are injured in total, of which a 36-year old man being in life danger after being shot with a rubber-bullet by the police.