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09.10.21 | News

Kosovo reburies remains of nine civilians found hidden in mass graves in Serbia, killed during the 1998-1999 war

Prishtina, 09 October 2021, dtt-net.com – Remains of nine Kosovo ethnic Albanian civilians, killed by Serbian forces in April 1999, and found recently in mass graves hidden in Serbia, were reburied today in Rezalla village of Skenderaj/Srbica municipality in Drenica region.

On April 1999, 98 boys and men of Rezallë village in Skenderaj/Srbica municipality were executed by Serbian forces. Bodies of 44 of them went disappearing. Three of the men shot survived the massacre.

Remains of seven of bodies were found earlier this year in a mine in Kizevak village in southern Serbian municipality Raska. Some of the remains of two others were found last year in another mass grave in Rudnica village of same municipality.

Kosovan Prime Minister Albin Kurti and other officials attended the burial ceremony today in Rezallé.

"Shot along almost all the young men and boys in Rezallë, on April 5 1999, by the Serbian security forces, they were abducted and buried in mass graves in Kizevak and Rudnica, in Serbia. But the truth cannot be buried and covered in mass graves," Kurti said.

The largest mass grave from the war found so far, containing the bodies of more than 800 Kosovan ethnic Albanians, was found in 2001 in a police compound near capital Belgrade.

Of neary 13000 people, of which around 12000 ethnic Albanians, killed during the two-year war, more than 1600 are still missing 22 years after, of which ¾ ethnic Albanians and the rest Serbs and Roma.

09.10.21 | News