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22.03.20 | News

Croatian capital hit by powerful earthquakes

Zagreb, 22 March 2020, dtt-net.com – Croatia’s capital Zagreb was struck by four powerful earthquakes today morning causing damages on several buildings, including the parliament and churches.

The first quake of 6.0 Richter magnitude struck in the north-west of the capital at 06h24 minutes and then downgraded to 5.5 Richter 30 minutes later, Croatian authorities said. Two other earthquakes followed at 07:40 and 09:04 at lower magnitude of 3.7 magnitude and 3.2 magnitude respectively.

A 15-year old girl is reported injured and is in critical condition. The total number of injured is still unknown.

Croatian parliament building, a cathedral and a church are amidst buildings damaged, according to initial reports.

Several vehicles are reported damaged from the debris of the damaged buildings. Army troops are already sent helping to clean up the streets from debris.

22.03.20 | News