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26.11.19 | News

Albania hit by powerful earthquake, serious damages and casualties reported

Tirana, 26 November 2019, dtt-net.com -  A earthquake of 6.3 Richter magnitude near coastal town of Durres hit today morning the country causing several buildings to collapse and casualties, according to the authorities and local media.

The Albanian Institute of GeoSciences, Energy, Water and Enviroment (IGEWE) said the quake, the biggest in decades, occurred at 03:55 (CET) with epicenter 10km from the town and 31 from capital Tirana.

Albanian national news agency ATSH is posting pictures and videos of some collapsed buildings while rescue teams and police are pulling residents from rubble.

Damages are being reported also in two other municipalities. One person is reported dead in Kurbin district according to Top Channel broadcaster.

The quake is felt in neighboring North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Greece.

Just two months ago a quake of 5.3 magnitude in the same area injured 132 people and damaged nearly 500 buildings across the country.


26.11.19 | News