Gunfire in Macedonia ends as armed men surrender (updated)

09 May 2015

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* one policeman and five gunmen dead
* 27 Albanian gunmen surrender

09 May 2015, Skopje, dtt-net.com – The hunt by heavy armed Macedonian police against Albanian gunmen in a suburb of the northern town of Kumanovo has ended late afternoon following an mediation by the OSCE which convinced the armed group of 27 people to surrender, according to unofficial reports.

According to unofficial informations one policeman and five gunmen are killed during the clashes.

More than 20 policemen were injured during the gunfire exchange since early this morning between the two sides as the police forces isolated the area searching for the group in a new development in the already troubled country since February related to the wiretapping scandal.

Some local media reported that a child and parents have been killed during the gunfire between the police and the gunmen.

Interior Ministry is yet to make an official statement with more details over the deadly incident.

The latest inter-ethnic development comes in parallel of the four-day protests by Macedonian opposition calling for resignation of the conservative government of Nikola Gruevski and early elections.

The EU and the US have called on citizens and political factors “to remain calm and wait for facts to be established by the relevant authorities,” hoping that an escalation of tensions can be avoided.

Russian foreign ministry also said in a release it hopes “that the situation will be normalized in the shortest possible time, and all circumstances will be thoroughly investigated".



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