Macedonia: Number of re-vote polling stations goes high

08 June 2008

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Dtt-net.com – A new figure of the polling stations were the vote will be annulled has emerged following additional reports of irregularities noted at 1 June early parliamentary elections in Macedonia.

Earlier it was reported that reruns will take place in 93 polling stations but following some 300 complains and the new evidence the figure is now doubled.

The State Election Commission (SEC) announced on Saturday it would nullify results from a total 193 polling stations after detecting ballot fraud and other irregularities on Sunday elections marred by violence as never seen before in the country election history.

One person was killed and nine other injured during inter-Albanian party rivalry.

According to SEC officials the voting was annulled because of ballot stuffing, voter intimidation and violence.

"The commission has decided unanimously that a rerun vote will be held at these polling stations (involving) a total of 170,000 voters," Jovan Josifovski told reporters.

The commission has reviewed 56 complaints of irregularities involving about 300 polling stations out of a total of 2976, he said.

Political parties have 48 hours to appeal the latest decision at the Supreme Court. If there are no appeals or none is upheld, reruns will be held on June 15 at all 193 polling stations , most of them in areas predominantly populated by Macedonia's ethnic Albanian minority.

The re-vote would determine which of the two ethnic Albanian parties will be invited into a governing coalition: the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) run by former rebel leader Ali Ahmeti, or the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA), run by Menduh Thaci.

According to the results so far, the DPA, which is part of the outgoing governing coalition of Nikola Gruevski, won 10.52 percent, compared with the DUI's 11.13 percent.



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