Montenegro state recognized by Iceland

08 June 2006

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(Podgorica, DTT-NET.COM)- Iceland is the first country which has recognised the new state of Montenegro.

“On behalf of the Government of Iceland I have the honour to communicate to you the recognition by Iceland of the republic of Montenegro as a sovereign and independent State” Iceland’s foreign minister H.E. Mr. Geir H. Haarde, wrote in a letter send to his Montenegrin counterpart Miodrag Vlahovic on Thursday.

“Iceland is ready to establish formal diplomatic relations between our two countries at the earliest opportunity” reads the letter.

Montenegro declared its independence on Saturday (03 June) following the referendum of 21 May, when 55.5 percent of citizens voted to split from the union with Serbia.

EU member nations are to consider the recognition of Montenegro on Monday, at foreign ministers meeting taking place in Luxemburg.



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