Kosovo gets first ever Olympic gold medal and a HERO

08 August 2016

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dtt-net.com – The two time world champion Majlinda Kelmendi made history on Sunday (07 August) wining first ever Olympic gold medal for her country: Kosovo.

It’s the first time that Kosovo participates in Olympic games and Kelmendi put her signature with style in women’s judo  (52 kg weight) with the gold medal.

In the final she was better than Italian opponent Odette Giuffrida.

Kelmendi said her victory is dedicated to all those kids and youngsters of her age who survived the independence war from Serbia with the message that they can make their dreams become true.

"I just proved to them that even after we survived a war, if they want something they can have it. If they want to be Olympic champions, they can be. Even if we come from a small country, a poor country”, she said.

"This medal means a lot, not only for Kosovo's sport, but for all Kosovo as a country," she said after the win.

"We have survived a war. There are still kids who don't know if their parents are alive, don't have anything to eat or books to go to school. So the fact of becoming Olympic champion is just huge for all of us," Kelmendi said in tears.



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