Germany calls on Serbia to end energy infrastructure blockade toward Kosovo


Berlin/Pristina, dtt-net.com - German government has called on Serbia to end the long blockade toward Kosovo which is causing delays in integration of the regional energy market in the Western Balkans despite recent infrastructure investment efforts by Berlin and the EU.

EU gas pipeline TAP 50 % completed


Baar, dtt-net.coom - The Trans-Adriatic-Pipeline (TAP) which will bring gas from Azerbaijan through Turkey to Greece, Albania, the rest of the Western Balkans and the EU as of 2020 is now more than 50% completed, nearly 16 months after construction began, the company said.

Serbia keen to link to Russia’s ‘Turkish Stream’ gas pipeline


Istanbul/Belgrade, dtt-net.com – Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said his country expects that the Russian gas pipeline from Turkey will pas through Serbia to reach the Western Balkans and the EU, which would be the direct competitor to EU's Trans-Adriatic-Pipeline (TAP).

Serbia attracted by Russia’s 'Turkish Stream' gas pipeline


Belgrade, dtt-net.com – Serbia is showing interest to build a new gas pipeline with help from Russia and connect with Bulgaria to use Russian gas through 'Turkish Stream', with Belgrade and Moscow hoping that Bulgaria would join and make possible the project which would be a direct competitor to EU’s Trans-Adriatic-Pipeline (TAP).

Construction of EU gas pipeline reaches nearly 50 percent in Albania, Greece


Tirana, dtt-net.com - Nearly 50 percent of steel pipes of the EU Trans-Adriatic-Pipeline (TAP) are now welded in Albania and Greece, as the project is well advancing to bring gas from Azerbaijan to Balkan and EU consumers.

Macedonia’s new government vows to comply with EU energy treaty


Skopje, dtt-net.com – The new Macedonian government of prime minister Zoran Zaev vowed to comply with EU rules on energy as the previous government has failed to do so.

EU regrets Trump’s withdrawal from Paris climate deal but will not renegotiate it


Brussels, dtt-net.com – Representatives of EU institutions and its member countries have expressed regrets over yesterday’s decision of US president to withdraw from the 2015 Climate Paris agreement with French President Emanuel Macron firmly ruling out any renegotiation as solicited by Donald Trump.

EU’s energy body submits infringements against Serbia, Ukraine, Albania and Bosnia


Vienna, dtt-net.com - The Secretariat of Energy Community said it has submitted a total of seven dispute settlement cases against Serbia, Ukraine, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) over breaches of energy acguis, asking on the ministers of member countries to take decision.

Bulgaria to join W. Balkans electricity market


Sofia/Wienna, 18 May 2017, dtt-net.com - Bulgaria has agreed to join Western Balkans (WB6) regional electricity market integration initiative, part of initiatives coordinated and supervised by EU’s energy body, the Secretariat of Energy Community, aimed at extending the EU internal energy market to South East Europe.

EU gas pipeline celebrates 1st year of construction


Tirana/Baar, dtt-net.com - The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which will bring gas to the EU and Balkans through Turkey, Greece, Albania and Italy as of 2020, marks the one-year anniversary since construction started.

Construction works of EU gas pipeline in Albania suspended as ancient settlement uncovered


Tirana, dtt-net.com - The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) construction works are suspended for a month in Albania after uncovering of an ancient settlement in a village in south-eastern municipality of Korçë last week.

EU agrees conditional approval of French state aid to gas-fired power plant


Brussels, dtt-net.com – The European Commission said it conditionally approved state aid of French government to a local company for the construction of a gas-fired electricity plant in Brittany.

Gazprom starts construction of Turkstream gas pipeline


dtt-net.com – Russian gas giant said it started today construction of Turkstream gas pipeline through Black Sea planed to reach Turkish and "European consumers” by late 2019.

Gazprom to start construction of Turkstream offshore section soon


dtt-net.com - Gapzrom chief Alexey Miller said the company is ready to start laying the offshore section of Turkstream gas pipeline in Black Sea "within a few days".

EU approves French state aid to 3 renewable energy projects


Brussels, dtt-net.com – The European Commission agreed to approve a state aid by France to three new renewable energy projects worth of nearly 1,250 Euro billion per year to produce more than 17 gigawatts of electricity, as French authorities want to reach 2020 target of producing 23% of country’s energy needs from renewable sources.

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