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Podgorica, 29 January 2022, dtt-net.com – Initial joint oil exploration by Italian Eni and Russian Novatek say that wells in the offshore area first bloc are empty, but more searches will continue in three remaning blocks, Montenegrin officials said.



Belgrade/Brussels, 27 January 2022, dtt-net.com – The Prague-based think-tank, which promotes environmentally, socially and economically sustainable alternatives, today addressed strong accusations toward the Luxembourg-based European Investment Bank (EIB) over indirect “hidden financing” of two hydropower plants in Serbia without a prior environmental assessment, and said that certain ecological damages are already evidenced but ignored by Serbian authorities.


Belgrade, 26 January 2022, dtt-net.com – Pushed to halt exploration licences to the British-Australian company Rio Tinto over lithium mining project, the President of Serbia and his government are starting now to switch to environment protection vocabulary ahead of April early presidential and parliamentary elections promising to invest more in the sector.


Brussels/Prishtina, 24 January 2022, dtt-net.com – The European Commission called Kosovo to liberalize retail electricity market, in the line with commitments made years ago related to the EU’s Third Energy Package,  in order to give Kosovan consumers the right to choose their electricity distributor, as the Turkish owned KEDS/KESCO company continues to have the monopoly in the sector.


Belgrade, 20 January 2022, dtt-net.com – The government of Serbia today said it decided to terminate all licences to Rio Tinto company for the lithium mining project in west of the country, accusing western powers of financing protests of activists and environmentalists.


Prishtina, 18 January 2022, dtt-net.com – Electricity prices are set to increase for households only for families - depending on their monthly consumption  - amid hike of import prices in global markets, according to a proposal made today by the energy regulatory office, with the government expected to relief new bills by pumping in financial aid.


Belgrade, 18 January 2022, dtt-net.com – The lithium mining project in Serbia of the British-Australian company is halted for the time being, with the prime minister showing scepticism that the project with pass through without consent of inhabitants of the western municipality of Loznica, and the company announcing a delay of its production plans for a year as the government hasn’t still issued exploitation licence following fierce resistance by environmentalist to the massive project which could make Serbia global player in the lithium-batteries and electric vehicles production.


Belgrade, 14 January 2022, dtt-net.com – A petition of 292 202 signatures was handed over to Serbian government by environmentalists calling for withdrawal of lithium project of the British-Australian Rio Tinto company, while announcing yet another Saturday of road blockades in several cities against the project which would make Serbia a global player in lithium-battery and electric vehicles producer.


Brussels, 13 January 2022, dtt-net.com – Two environmental organizations called on the EU to include Western Balkans six countries in its new funding programme aimed at energy transition for a climate-neutral economy.


Prishtina, 12 January 2022, dtt-net.com – Kosovan electricity Transmission and System Operator company (KOSTT) has urged Kosovan government to “urgently” find nearly 45 Euro million amid the unpaid electricity consumed by Serb-predominantly four municipalities in the north and high prices of the electricity imported, otherwise it risks “bankruptcy in a very short period of time”, which as consequence will put the whole Kosovo energy system at the edge of total collapse.