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Tirana, 13 October 2020, dtt-net.com – The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which passes through Greece and Albania to Italy, “is complete” and ready to receive natural gas from Azerbaijan, after more than four years since its construction started, according to a press release from the company.


Brussels, 09 October 2020, dtt-net.com – The European Commission (EC) has asked EU member states and the European Parliament (EP) to finance ten energy (gas and renewables)  infrastructure projects in Western Balkans six countries as part of the proposal for an Economic and Investment Plan for the region presented Tuesday.


Zagreb, 02 October 2020, dtt-net.com – The USA State Secretary Mike Pompeo said today during a visit to Croatia that Washington wants countries of Western Balkans, Southern Europe and of Eastern Europe purchase more LNG from the USA and depend less on Russian gas.


Skopje, 02 October 2020, dtt-net.com – The Prime Minister of North Macedonia discussed today in Skopje with the United States Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Francis R. Fannon, possibilities of purchasing USA LNG through the gas terminal near Alexandropoli in Greece which could then injected in the gas interconnector - yet to be constructed  -between the two neighbouring countries in the Balkans.


Brussels, 02 October 2020, dtt-net.com - EU Member States agreed yesterday on a proposal by the European Commission (EC) to grant €28 million for construction of the Bulgaria-Serbia 62.2 km long gas interconnector.


Tirana, 30 September 2020, dtt-net.com – The government of Albania has decided to ban construction of hydropower plants on Vjosa River, in the southwest of the country, after years of protests by local environmental organizations and calls by EU institutions and agencies.


Skopje, 21 August 2020, dtt-net.com – Hundreds of citizens today blocked the highway between Tetova town and the capital Skopje calling on the authorities to abandon electricity price hike.


Baar/Tirana, 10 August 2020, dtt-net.com – The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) which will bring the gas from Azerbaijan to three EU member countries (Bulgaria, Greece and Italy) at its initial phase today issues its Network Code thus setting rules that govern TAP’s services to customers, including shipper registration, credit support, capacity products offered, capacity booking, balancing and usage costs.


Belgrade, 04 June 2020, dtt-net.com – Hungarian and Serbian governments today signed a deal on gas supplies, according to which Hungary will start receiving Russian gas also through Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia as of next year, as pipeline construction works are advancing fast, including the section from Serbia to the Hungarian border.




Tirana, 27 May 2020, dtt-net.com - The French renewables energy company Voltalia today was awarded a  tender by Albanian government for a 140 MW solar plant.