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Belgrade, 13 May 2022, dtt-net.com – Serbian government has revoked licences to the British-Australian Rio-Tinto company for the lithium mining project in west of the country in January amid heavy opposition by the environmentalists, but the minister of energy and mining said Friday that the final decision is not made yet because of “critical” importance of the raw mineral for energy transition and country’s economy.


Belgrade, 12 May 2022, dtt-net.com – Serbia is working to import 40 percent of its gas consumption from other suppliers, including from the USA and Azerbaijan, as currently it imports only from Russia, and also plans to construct interconnectors with North Macedonia, Romania, Croatia and Montenegro, Serbian minister of energy said.


Washington/Sofia, 11 May 2022, dtt-net.com – The USA will start shipping first LNG quantities to Bulgaria through Greek terminal Revithoussa as of June, as Russia’s Gazprom has halted supplies to the country over refusal to pay in Ruble, with more quantities to come next year through Alexandropoulos terminal.


Prishtina, 10 May 2022, dtt-net.com – An agreement was signed today between Kosovan government and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for a loan of €5 million by the bank and €1 million grant by the EU for energy efficiency of public buildings in Prizren town.


Belgrade, 06 May 2022, dtt-nt.com – Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said talks are underway with Norway and the UK aimed at designing and implementing "completely new energy policy" for the country focused on renewable sources, while at the same time the country is working fast to interconnect with Greece to diversify also its gas supplies and purchase from the USA and Azerbaijan and not depend only on Russia.


Berlin, 06 May 2022, dtt-net.com  - German government signed lease agreements for 4 floating LNG terminals, with the first one in Wilhelmshaven expected to be functional this winter, as part of Berlin’s accelerated efforts to decrease dependence on Russian natural gas.


Brussels, 06 May 2022, dtt-net.com -  20 European companies signed a declaration with the European Commission pledging to produce some 10 million tons of renewable hydrogen by 2030, aimed at reducing reliance on Russian gas.


Sofia, 05 May 2022, dtt-net.com – Ministers of energy of Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine today met with officials of European Commission as well as with Azerbaijan and Turkey, aimed at accelerating cooperation for energy sources diversification in line with EU plans for a common purchasing platform as the European bloc and aspirant countries are working fast on ending reliance on Russian fossil fuels.


Athens, 03 May 2022, dtt-net.com – The terminal in Greek port of Alexandropoulis will start being functional "within 20 months" with the LNG it will get from the USA to supply Greece and its neighbouring countries, including North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia, Greek premier said today at a ceremony marking start of construction works of the terminal, the second in the country.


Athens/Skopje, 02 May 2022, dtt-net.com – Construction works of the LNG Terminal in Greek port Alexandropoulos will be inaugurated tomorrow to will supply the country and the region American gas, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania and Serbia, respectively.