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Tirana, 11 September 2019, dtt-net.com – Unemployment in the EU candidate country from the Western Balkans region has dropped to 11.5 percent, Albanian statistical agency reported.


Prishtina/Skopje, 05 September 2019, dtt-net.com – Kosovo and North Macedonia governments today decided to end mutual trade ban between the two countries involving Kosovan fish and North Macedonian honey and potatoes.


Podgorica, 04 September 2019, dtt-net.com – Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) from NATO countries in Montenegro last year increased by 64 percent compared to 2017 thanks to country’s membership in the western military alliance, according to Montenegrin officials.


Belgrade, 29 August 2019, dtt-net.com – Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic today said that the unemployment in his country is at 10.3 percent currently, the lowest in the Western Balkans region.


Prishtina, 20 August 2019, dtt-net.com – Kosovan and North Macedonia’s officials met today vowing to end a new trade row between the two neighbouring countries  under certain conditions which are expected to be met by Prishtina authorities on aquaculture.


Belgrade, 20 August 2019, dtt-net.com – In the first six month of this year foreign direct investments (FDI) in Serbia amounted to 1.9 Euro billion, according to country’s minister of finance.


Prishtina/Skopje, 16 August 2019, dtt-net.com – Kosovan government today decided to ban imports of potatoes and honing from North Macedonia in counter-response to Skopje ban of some Kosovo aquaculture exports since June.


Sarajevo/Skopje, 12 August 2019, dtt-net.com –Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and North Macedonia decided to temporary ban pork and related products from Serbia after Belgrade authorities reported four suspected swine fever cases.


Skopje/Prishtina, 08 August 2019, dtt-net.com – North Macedonia is banning artificial basins  small fish imports from Kosovo since June and Prishtina is now threatening to retaliate if Skopje doesn’t end the ban.


Podgorica, 17 July 2019, dtt-net.com – Montenegro and Turkey revised their Free trade Agreement (FTA) of 2010 aimed at boosting liberalisation of trade between the two countries in agriculture and services.