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Podgorica, 17 July 2019, dtt-net.com – Montenegro and Turkey revised their Free trade Agreement (FTA) of 2010 aimed at boosting liberalisation of trade between the two countries in agriculture and services.


Belgrade, 24 June 2019, dtt-net.com – The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said authorities are about to launch later this year a massive cycle of infrastructure investments worth between 5 to 10 Euro billion hoped to be completed until 2025.



Belgrade, 17 June 2019, dtt-net.com – Serbian and Chinese governments today signed an agreement which foresees to increase a little Serbia’s agriculture exports to China as trade between the two countries increases constantly, of course with the first being in clear trade deficit with the world's export power.


Prishtina, 14 June 2019, dtt-net.com - A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Kosovo and Turkey entered into force six years after its signing, expected to boost further Turkey’s exports to Kosovo which last year went to more than 330 Euro million.


Sarajevo, 27 May 2019, dtt-net.com – Bosnian and Serbian governments are planning to introduce countermeasures to the 100 percent tax imposed by Kosovo to the goods from both countries since November if Prishtina doesn’t revoke them any time soon.


Tirana, dtt-net.com – Albanian and Qatar authorities vowed to boost further economic ties between the two countries with trade and investments in both countries at the center of topics discussed during a meeting held in Albanian capital Tirana.


Skopje, 28 February 2019, dtt-net.com – Macedonian government today reported a record foreign direct investments in the country last year of 624,5 Euro million, an increase of 244 percent compared to 2017.


Sarajevo/Pristina, 25 January 2019, dtt-net.com – Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) hopes that its proposal for suspension of 100 percent tax on its goods for a six-month period will be considered positively by Kosovan government despite certain conditions set by Pristina authorities.


Brussels/Belgrade, 23 January 2019, dtt-net.com – The European Union hasn’t exempted Serbia from recently imposed and updated tariffs on steel but top officials say the country is not expected to be damaged by the measure.


Belgrade/Brussels, 15 January 2019, dtt-net.com – Serbia called on the EU to exempt the country from its proposed new steel import quotas expected to be decided on Wednesday by the European bloc as consequence of the imposition of tariffs by the US on steel and aluminium imports.