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Prishtina, 24 November 2021, dtt-net.com – Kosovo’s government said it’s preparing to impose new anti-dumping measures on certain imports from Serbia, aimed at protecting Kosovan producers from unfair practices by the neighbouring country.


Brussels, 11 November 2021, dtt-net.com – Montenegro will have the highest economic growth amidst Western Balkans countries this year, according to the European Commission (EC), which joined EBRD forecast in putting the country at the top of the list of the aspirant region with its forecast.


Podgorica, 04 November 2021, dtt-net.com – The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) today said that according to its forecast the economic growth in Montenegro will be at 12.3 percent, followed by Albania with 8%, Kosovo 7.7%, Serbia 6.5 %, Bosnia and Herzegovina 4.5% and North Macedonia 4.0 %.


Athens, 02 November 2021, dtt-net.com – Serbian foreign affairs minister told Greek businessmen Tuesday that the country “is the fastest growing economy in Europe” at which more than 75000 people are employed by German companies, while this year and for the first time, Chinese companies are the biggest investors and also biggest exporters from Serbia.


Prishtina, 02 November 2021, dtt-net.com – Nearly 1000 workers of the privately-owned Ferronickel company are seeking intervention of Kosovan government after the suspension of production following increase of electricity prices as result of global energy crisis.


Belgrade, 22 October 2021, dtt-net.com – Chinese company Zijin today opened a copper and gold mine near the eastern town Bor, with authorities expecting that the new investment from China to make Serbia second-largest copper producer in Europe with the new investment totalling to $408 millions of money pured in by the company in four mines and a smelter it owns in the EU candidate country.


Belgrade, 15 October 2021, dtt-net.com - The German sanitary fittings manufacturer, Hansgrohe SE, today announced its second investment in Serbia worth of some 85 Euro millions and expected to start production in late 2023 and employ 1000 people more.


Belgrade, 13 October 2021, dtt-net.com – With 7 percent growth forecast for this year, Serbia will be among  top three countries in Europe, according to country’s Finance Minister Sinisa Mali.


Prishtina, 08 October 2021, dtt-net.com – The government of Kosovo said today it decided to impose anti-dumping taxes on two product imports from Serbia aimed at protecting local producers from unfair pricing by Serbian counterparts.


Belgrade, 07 October 2021, dtt-net.com – The Zurich-based Barry Callebaut Group  - the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products – today opened a factory in the Serbia’s northern town Novi Sad, an investment of EUR 55 million and subventions of 14.2 million received from Serbian government.