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W. Balkans General News


Skopje, 20 August 2019, dtt-net.com – The Special Prosecutor of North Macedonia, Katica Janeva was questioned today for four hours by the Public Prosecution Office (PPO) over the extortion scandal which has shaken country’s judicial institutions.


Podgorica, 20 August 2019, dtt-net.com – Montenegro’s anti-corruption Agency (ASK) today elected its new president from civic organizations ranks after the previous one was seen as close to authorities.


Belgrade/Moscow, 20 August 2019, dtt-net.com – Serbia’s army will be boosted with seven more helicopters from Russia next year as the country continues to increase its army’s capacities mainly with the help from Russia, country’s defence minister said.


Sarajevo, 20 August 2019, dtt-net.com – Two meetings of tri-partite Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) were cancelled today as Serbs reject NATO pathway wanted by Bosniaks and Croats thus resulting with deadlock over forming country’s new government ten months after elections.


Skopje, 19 August 2019, dtt-net.com – Special Prosecutor of North Macedonia suspected of implication in a extortion scandal will be questioned on Tuesday by the Public Prosecution Office (PPO).

European Union


Brussels, 16 July 2019, dtt-net.com -  European Union governments last night decided to launch initial sanctions on Turkey amid its oil and gas drilling within Cyprus waters.


Brussels, 05 July 2019? dtt-net.com – Instex, an EU mechanism designed by Germany, the UK and France for trade with Iran bypassing the U.S. sanctions on Tehran is expected to make first transaction “in a few days”, according to the French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.


Strasbourg, 03 July 2019, dtt-net.com -  The former Italian journalist and leftist politician of the Democratic Party , David-Maria Sussoli was elected President of EU’s legislative body today.


Brussels, 02 July 2019, dtt-net.com – German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen was agreed today by leaders of EU member countries to be the next President of the European Commission; the Belgian acting Prime Minister Charles Michel as European Council President; Spanish MEP Josep Borrell as EU chief of diplomacy and French director of IMF Christine Lagarde for the head of the European Central Bank (ECB).


Brussels, 01 July 2019, dtt-net.com - Leaders of EU member countries decided to adjourn their talks to tomorrow as despite some progress reported no agreement was reached after consultations launched yesterday over the top posts for the European bloc institutions’ in Brussels.

Energy & Environment


Tirana, 13 August 2019, dtt-net.com – Albanian marked could use some 1.7 billion cubic meter per year from the Trans-Atlantic-Pipeline (TAP) which will bring gas to the Balkan and the EU countries as of next year, according to local companies’ calculations.


Brussels, 08 August 2019, dtt-net.com – Denmark, Germany and Spain – all three together – lead with 86 percent of global wind energy exports, with the first representing 42 percent alone, according to International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) report.


Athens/Brussels, 08 August 2019, dtt-net.com – The US government is boosting its support to the three countries over planned 1900 km-long offshore and onshore Eastern Mediterranean gas pipeline at the time when tensions between the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey over gas and oil reserves in the waters of the EU member part of the island are mounting amid illegal drilling by Ankara.


Brussels, 02 August 2019, dtt-net.com – Energy producer prices in 28 EU member countries decreased by 2.9 percent in June compared to May and by 0.9 compared to June 2018, according to a new data from EU’s statistical agency Eurostat.


Brussels, 02 August 2019, dtt-net.com – Spanish company Alfanar will be supported with a loan of €385 million from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to construct a total of 21 new wind farms.

Business / Economy


Prishtina, 20 August 2019, dtt-net.com – Kosovan and North Macedonia’s officials met today vowing to end a new trade row between the two neighbouring countries  under certain conditions which are expected to be met by Prishtina authorities on aquaculture.


Belgrade, 20 August 2019, dtt-net.com – In the first six month of this year foreign direct investments (FDI) in Serbia amounted to 1.9 Euro billion, according to country’s minister of finance.


Prishtina/Skopje, 16 August 2019, dtt-net.com – Kosovan government today decided to ban imports of potatoes and honing from North Macedonia in counter-response to Skopje ban of some Kosovo aquaculture exports since June.


Sarajevo/Skopje, 12 August 2019, dtt-net.com –Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and North Macedonia decided to temporary ban pork and related products from Serbia after Belgrade authorities reported four suspected swine fever cases.


Skopje/Prishtina, 08 August 2019, dtt-net.com – North Macedonia is banning artificial basins  small fish imports from Kosovo since June and Prishtina is now threatening to retaliate if Skopje doesn’t end the ban.