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NATO and Serbia’s army chief talk over Kosovo stability amid Trepça row


Belgrade/Prishtina, dtt-net.com – Representatives of NATO-led troops in Kosovo and the head of Serbia’s Army today talked over security in the new country as the west fears that Russia could provoke incidents in Serb-predominantly northern Kosovo but also across Kosovo between Serb minority and Albanian majority by using the tensions following the dispute between Prishtina and Belgrade of the rich mining complex.

Pro-EU and pro-NATO leader to maintain power in Montenegro


Podgorica, 17 October 2016, dtt-net.com - Montenegro's ruling pro-Western leader Milo Djukanovic is the winner of parliamentary election of Sunday, but will have to seek help from smaller parties to continue governing for another mandate to make the troubled country member of NATO next year and the EU later on.

Russia-backed Serbia’s hunt on Kosovo’s Trepça a threat to stability in the Western Balkans


Brussels/Prishtina, dtt-net.com – Serbian appetites on Kosovo’s biggest unexploited natural resource wealth “unveil all Belgrade’s hidden tears over Kosovo land”, diplomats in Brussels say expressing ‘concerns over potential new incidents and tensions ” in the Serb-predominantly northern Kosovo which could represent "a serious threat to the already fragile stability in the Western Balkans at the time when Russia is investing huge money to blackmail the EU with Ukraine scenario conflict in the aspirant countries from the region”, diplomats in Brussels said.

Albania’s parliament approves more laws of judicial reform


Tirana, dtt-net.com – Albanian legislative body today approved a set of six more laws part of constitutional judiciary changes aimed at better fight against the high level of corruption and organized crime which would help the country open EU membership talks eventually next year.

EU not planning any sanctions against nationalist Bosnia Serbs leader


Brussels/Sarajevo, dtt-net.com – The European Union is not planning any kind of sanctions against the president of Serb entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Milorad Dodik, over his role in last month anti-constitutional referendum, sources in Brussels said.


EU gas pipeline marks start of construction in Albania


Tirana, dtt-net.com - The EU’s Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG which will bring gas to the Western Balkans and the EU countries from Azerbaijan as of 2020 today marked the start of pipeline construction in Albania.

Turkey issues first permits to Russia's gas giant for Turkish Stream pipeline


dtt-net.com – The Russian gas giant, Gazprom announced it has received first permits for building Turkish Stream pipeline for delivering gas to Turkey, but also aimed to be extended to the European territory through Balkan region after failed South Stream project because of EU opposition.

Albania reports increase of electricity production


Tirana, dtt-net.com - Production of electricity in Albania has increased during first semester this year thanks to improved capacities of small private hydro-power plants, according to the new data from country’s statistical agency.

Russia and Turkey in a hurry to construct EU contested ‘Turkish Stream’ gas pipeline


Moscow/Ankara, dtt-net.com – Moscow and Ankara authorities are accelerating efforts for launching construction of the EU contested ‘Turkish Stream’ gas pipeline which would bring gas to Turkey, with both capitals planning to extend gas supplies to the European territory as well through Balkans.

Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia sign MoU over gas pipeline with SOCAR


Dubrovnik, dtt-net.com - The four countries of the Western Balkans today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Azerbaijan’s SOCAR company over construction of the Ionian Adriatic Pipeline (IAP) which is a stretch of the EU's Trans-Adriatic-Pipeline (TAP) to bring Azeri gas to the region and the EU as of 2020.


Kosovo government to nationalize Trepça mining complex


Prishtina, dtt-net.com - Kosovan government will become main shareholder of the mining complex – the biggest natural wealth of Kosovo, according to a new draft-law approved by the ruling coalition in Prishtina but opposed by Serbia.

Unemployment in Macedonia at record low


Skopje, 28 July 2016, dtt-net.com – Unemployment in Macedonia has reached lowest level in country’s history at 24.5%, according to the government’s latest data.

China accused of steel dumping to EU through Serbia


Belgrade/Brussels, dtt-net.com – The Brussels based European Steel Association (EUROFER) has filed a complaint to the EU suspecting that China is attempting to dump its cheap steel production through Serbia, as a state owned Chinese company acquired in April Serbian largest steel producer Zelezara Smederevo.

French investment project in Kosovo ski resort fails


Prishtina, dtt-net.com – Is it Serbia who prevented it or the French consortium failed to find investment deposit for 430 Euro million Brezovica ski resort in Kosovo, it remains unclear, but the project is officially declared a failed one.

FDI in Albania fall drastically


Tirana, dtt-net.com - Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in Albania in Q1 decreased for 42 percent comparing to the same period last year, according to country’s statistical agency.


Kosovo gets first ever Olympic gold medal and a HERO


dtt-net.com – The two time world champion Majlinda Kelmendi made history on Sunday (07 August) wining first ever Olympic gold medal for her country: Kosovo.


Kosovo granted FIFA membership


Mexico City / Prishtina – With 141 votes in favour and 23 against FIFA Congress today granted membership to Kosovo’s Football Federation, a second big news this month from the football world after the new country was admitted ten days ago as the new member of UEFA.

FIFA Council proposes membership of Kosovo, Gibraltar


Prishtina/Mexico City, dtt-net.com - The Council of the world football body today proposed to its Congress which takes place on Friday (13th May) to admit Kosovo and Gibraltar’ as its new members.

Furious Serbia to appeal Kosovo UEFA's vote


Belgrade, dtt-net.com – Serbian authorities said Belgrade will file complaint against today’s UEFA vote in favour of Kosovo Football Federation membership.

Kosovo to join UEFA


Budapest, dtt-net.com – The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) today voted in favour of Football Federation of Kosovo membership. >>>>


Kosovo: An example on how to fight radicalism 


"It would be imprecise to suggest that Kosovo is uniquely prone to radicalism or that the effort to radicalize a historically moderate population is succeeding. In fact, Kosovo merits our attention as a bellwether state and exemplar of how to undermine extremism".

By Rabbi Joshua M. Z. Stanton >>>>

EU, US pushing too fast with Serbia’s PM, forgot “mafia” victim Zoran Đinđić


Brussels, dtt-net.com – Imagine these world media headlines next month or next year:
- “Serbia’s PM killed in car accident” ;
- “Pro-EU Serbia's PM Aleksandar Vucic ill of brain cancer”;
- “Serb mafia executes Serbia's PM as in 2003 Zoran Djindjic”; or the most preferable headline of all Serb media together:
- “Vucic killed by Albanian Muslim terrorists-mafia, according to international intelligence and security experts.”

Imagine for a second that one of these headlines becomes true. What would Angela Merkel and Barack Obama do with or in the Western Balkans the next day or during another 12 years after it ???

By Edmond Ekrem Krasniqi

EU, US ‘resolved’ half of Macedonia crisis, ignored discrimination on Albanians


dtt-net.com – The deal clinched by the EU and the US officials this week over Macedonia crisis has completely ignored the need for equal rights for Ethnic Albanians, as 14 years since the end of the 2001 armed conflict, Macedonians continue to treat them as second class citizens by limiting the use of Albanian language and bias approach on the economic front.

By Edmond Ekrem Krasniqi

Energizing Balkan development and integration


(Remarks by Victoria Nuland, US Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, at Dubrovnik forum, Croatia)

dtt-net.com - Croatia has come so far since this forum began ten years ago – now a member of both NATO and the EU, today Croatia is a net exporter of regional and global security and development, from Afghanistan, to Kosovo, to West Africa. The United States is grateful for the strong alliance between our two countries. >>>>

[Comment] For Kosovo and for what it can become


dtt-net.com - The Head of EU Office in Kosovo, Samuel Zbogar has listed three main reasons for establishing the Special War Crimes Court in The Hague: to establish the truth, to remain the sovereign of decision and to respect Kosovo's international commitments. >>>>

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