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Albania: Deputy minister sacked for unpaid electricity bill


Tirana, dtt-net.com – Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has fired a deputy minister for not paying electricity bill, in a massive action by the new government to stabilize energy system in the country after years of chronic irregularities and theft.

Serb entity in Bosnia gets new government with same PM


Sarajevo, dtt-net.com - The Serb entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has a new four party coalition government to be lead again by Zeljka Cvijanovic from the nationalist SNSD of Milorad Dodik.

Serbia-Russia relations not at best amid South Stream scrapping, president admits


Belgrade, dtt-net.com – Relations between Serbia and Russia are not at the best level anymore because of the decision by Moscow to abandon construction of the South Stream gas pipeline, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has said.

Kosovo could fine asylum seekers to EU


Prishtina, dtt-net.com – Kosovan citizens who seek asylum in the EU countries could be fined once back home, the new Kosovan government said.

Serbia-Kosovo talks a high priority for EU


Brussels, dtt-net.com – Talks between Serbia and Kosovo aimed at ‘normalization’ of relations between the two are of important priority for the European Union, the new chief of EU’s diplomacy says.


Albania to revise free trade deals, support domestic production


Tirana, dtt-net.com - Albanian socialist government is preparing to untertake measures, including revising free trade deals with neighouring countries, to decrease imports and support local production in the country.

EU finalizes €2 billion package for reforms in W. Balkans, Turkey


Brussels, dtt-net.com - The European Commission has finalised its 2014-2016 package of pre-accession assistance programmes to support reforms in Western Balkans region and Turkey.

China to invest big in Western Balkans


Belgrade, dtt-net.com – China is showing increasing interest to invest in Central and Eastern Europe, with future infrastructure projects at the core of the long term plans on top of existing ones across the region.

Albania to build new highway to Macedonia with China loan, company


Belgrade/Tirana, dtt-net.com – Albanian government has reached a loan deal with Chinese EximBank to build a highway of 75 km to the border with Macedonia, which will be constructed by a Chinese company as well, following the similar example of Macedonian government from the other side of the border. >>>>

Serbia, Croatia renew direct flights after 23 years


Belgrade/Zagreb, dtt-net.com – Serbia and Croatia re-established today direct civilian air flights for the first time since the dissolution of the former-Yugoslavia in 1991.


Ex-German Chancellor says EU should not meddle in Russia-Turkey pipeline talks


12 December 2014, dtt-net.com - Gerhard Schroeder, who heads the Russian North Stream AG gas pipeline and a close friend of Vladimir Putin, has said that EU member countries should stay aside and not interfere on a new pipeline project talks between Moscow and Ankara, aimed at reaching European consumers through Turkish territory, Russian media reported. >>>>

EU gas pipeline to double capacity amid end of Russia's South Stream


dtt-net.com - The European Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which is planed to bring Azeri gas to the EU as of 2019/20, is likely to double its gas delivery capacity from 10 to 20 bcm per year, from the beginning of operations following the decision by Russia to abandon South Stream project, Greek media reported. >>>>

EU warming up on Italy-Greece-Cyprus-Israel gas pipeline project


Brussels, dtt-net.com – The EU institutions and member countries are building momentum on the proposed offshore East-Mediterranean gas pipeline, which would link the four countries for more energy sources and routes from the Middle East region, in yet another project also backed by the U.S., aimed at decreasing European bloc’s dependence from Russia.

Albania to amend law on energy efficiency


Tirana, dtt-net.com – Albanian parliament is about to amend country’s laws on energy efficiency related to the buildings, the draft-law of which is prepared by the European Energy Community (EEC) Secretariat in Vienna.

Russia hints partial compensation to Serbia amid death of South Stream


Belgrade, dtt-net.com – Russia could do some compensation to Serbia amid Moscow’s decision to abandon South Stream gas pipeline which had to pas through Serbia and reach EU territory, according to country’s ambassador to Belgrade.


Serbia, Serbs feel betrayed by Russia over gas pipeline, and they should


By Ekrem Krasniqi

Brussels, dtt-net.com - With the Monday announcement by Moscow for ending the South Stream pipeline, Serbia’s leaders could finally understand that its old orthodox ally, Russia, and its ‘Tzar’ Vladimir Putin had no affection for Serbia and Serbs in Western Balkans, but it was all about business and using their blind sympathy toward Moscow for showing once more Russian gas muscles to the EU and the West.

[Opinion] Kosovo in total mess over next government, EU too


By Ekrem Krasniqi

Prishtina/Brussels, dtt-net.com – The famous Albanian ‘Besa’ (promise) is just a fairy-tail and an empty outspoken word when it comes to Kosovan politicians as every body is ready to flirt with everybody only for being part of the next coalition government. >>>>

[Opinion] Why EU mission - EULEX - still deserves your trust


By Gabriele Meucci

dtt-net.com, Prishtina - Over the course of the past three weeks, you have read in your morning newspaper and seen on TV several accusations about actions of some members of EULEX. We have not responded to each and every one of these accusations. However, let me be very clear: EULEX takes allegations seriously. We have a zero tolerance policy towards corruption, and I confirm my personal commitment to consistently apply this policy. >>>>

[Opinion]: U.S. needs to re-engage in the Balkans


dtt-net.com - Bill Shankly, the famous Scottish footballer, once said, “Some people think football is a matter of life or death. I assure you,” he said, “it’s much more important than that.”

By U.S. Senator Chris Murphy >>>>

(Opinion): Confirming Kosovo's European perspective


By Štefan Füle

dtt-net.com - When I joined the European Commission five years ago to deal with EU enlargement, who could have imagined that Kosovo would have made so much progress on its European path since? >>>>

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