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Albania’s president decrees new interior minister


Tirana, dtt-net.com – Albanian President Ilir Meta today changed his mind and agreed to approve a former general for country’s new Interior Minister after a two week standoff with the Prime Minister Edi Rama after the previous one resigned.

Montenegro to restructure, boost its army force


Podgorica, dtt-net.com – Montenegrin government today presented a plan of restructuring its armed forces by increasing troops numbers and construction of new permanent facilities as the country joined the NATO in July last year.

Serb ‘Bosnia Butcher’ goes live in Serbia TV show from The Hague prison


Belgrade, dtt-net.com – The convicted war criminal over Srebrenica genocide, Ratko Mladic, was live today from the prison cell in The Hague in a political TV show through a phone call with his son asking Russia to be 'careful' of NATO enlargement.

Serbia’s PM refuses to recognize genocide in Srebrenica


Berlin/Sarajevo, dtt-net.com – The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, in a interview with Deutsche Welle echoed the position of other Serb leaders denying the genocide that Serb forces committed in Srebrenica against Bosniak civilians in 1995 during the five-year war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Bosnia police arrest Croat man over war crimes


Sarajevo, dtt-net.com – Police in Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH) today arrested a Croat man suspected of war crimes against Bosniaks during the 1992-1995 war in the country.


Energy & Environment

US and Ukraine to keep trying to stop Russia-Germany gas pipeline to the EU


Washington/Brussels, dtt-net.com – The US and Ukraine will “keep working together” to stop the Nord Stream 2 gas project, over which EU member countries can’t find common position as eastern countries are against the Russia-Germany pipeline which makes the bloc even more dependent on Russian gas, Washington officials said.

Montenegro launches offshore oil and gas exploration


Podgorica, dtt-net.com – A Norwegian ship started today first exploration for oil and gas in Montenegrin Adriatic sea waters.

World Bank won’t lend for new lignite-fired power plant in Kosovo


Pristina, dtt-net.com – The world lender has refused a loan to the American Contour Global company for construction of a new lignite-fired power plant in Kosovo because of environmental concerns, World Bank’s President Jim Yong Kim announced today.


Albania 3rd in Europe over electricity consumption generated from renewable sources


Tirana/Brussels, dtt-net.com - Albania ranks third in Europe, following Norway and Iceland, for the electricity consumption generated from renewable sources, according to the figures by EU’s statistical agency Eurostat.

Albania and Macedonia agree for gas interconnection project


Tirana, dtt-net.com – Albania and Macedonia today signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for gas interconnection pipeline as the second is planning to get gas supplies from the EU gas pipeline (TAP) which passes through the first.

European Union news

EU countries split over German-French plan for army


The Hague/Brussels, dtt-net.com – Berlin and Paris plans for setting up an EU army which would not depend from the US-dominated NATO on Europe’s security is creating split amidst other member states, with Dutch Prime Minister calling it an ‘illusion’ that the European bloc can guarantee its safety without the trans-Atlantic organization.

EU’s Galileo satellite navigation to be used in US as well


Brussels, dtt-net.com – US authorities agreed a green light for EU’s Galileo satellite navigation to be used by American citizens and businesses as the European bloc is about to complete its space project which according to Brussels will be better than US’s GPS and “the most precise satellite navigation system in the world” because of its record precision of 20cm.

Brexit paves the way for EU army, Trump’s approach helps it ?!


Brussels, dtt-net.com – Germany’s and France’s old idea of setting up EU army is gaining a new momentum thanks to the departure of the veto right UK from the bloc, while the approach of the US President Donald Trump toward the US-dominated NATO and especially the Europe strengthens further the plan as reiterated this week by Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, sources said.


Macedonia best in W. Balkans for ‘ease of doing business”, World Bank says


Skopje, dtt-net.com – Macedonia continues the best country in the EU aspirant region for doing business while Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is the worst, according to the 2018 ranking report by the World Bank.

US - Turkish company to construct highway in Serbia


Belgrade, 15 October 2018, dtt-net.com – The US-Turkish company, Bechtel-Enka, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Serbian government for construction of a 110 km highway in Serbia, the first infrastructure project between an American company and the country.

FDI in Montenegro climb since membership in the NATO


Podgorica, dtt-net.com – Latest figures show that Montenegro’s membership in the western military alliance is having positive effects in Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), according to the country’s Central Bank.

Unemployment in Serbia at record low


Belgrade, dtt-net.com – Unemployment in Serbia has reached record low and the lowest in the Western Balkans region, according to country’s president Aleksandar Vucic.

Albania reports record low unemployment


Tirana, dtt-net.com – Albanian government today said the unemployment in the country in May dropped to the record low at 12.5 percent an decrease of 1.7 percent comparing to the same month last year.


[Opinion] Albania on an irreversible path towards the EU


The more Albania delivers on its people's needs and demands, the more it will advance towards membership to the EU

By Federica Mogherini and Johannes Hahn


[Opinion] Macedonia: A clear EU path ahead


The doors of our Union are open. Your path towards the European Union has become irreversible.

By Federica Mogherini and Johannes Hahn >>>>

[Opinion] EU Enlargement to the Balkans: Playing hardball or playing with fire?


“…the EU failed to live up to its own rhetoric and show the Balkans that hard work – of the kind that Albania and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia have done – pays off.”

By Corina Stratulat, European Policy Centre


[Op-ed ] Is EU’s carrot big enough? Calling for a new accession policy towards the Western Balkans


By Andor Deli

Brussels, dtt-net.com - Currently, six Western Balkans countries are huddled in the waiting-room of EU accession, when the EU has little more to offer than the carrot and the stick. With a renewed focus on enlargement policy, the Western Balkans could get a new stimulus in order to make the benefits of the EU accession process more tangible to their citizens >>>>

[Opinion] Europe's division cannot be overcome without W. Balkans joining the EU


Zagreb, dtt-net.com - "The division of Europe will not be overcome until all countries of the Western Balkans have joined the EU", the Germany's State Minister for European Affairs , Michael Roth said in a speech held in Zagreb, Croatia.

Earlier News

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