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Prishtina, 26 January 2022, dtt-net.com – The new USA Ambassador to Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, said that Kosovo should form the Association of Serb Municipalities (ASM) for more autonomous powers, while acknowledging the sovereign right of Kosovan institutions to decide what those powers should be, but downplaying the risk of same powers turning into the Serb Republic entity as in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).


Prishtina, 26 January 2022, dtt-net.com – On October 23 an employee of EULEX bullied Kosovo and parked inappropriately the official vehicle in capital Prishtina saying: “this is how I park in Kosovo”, but the mission hasn’t brought any verdict as of yet and refuses to unveil anything about the results of the inquiry and the trial it promised.


Sarajevo, 26 January 2022, dtt-net.com – Envoys of the EU and the USA are today in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) trying to convince Bosniak and Croat politicians for election law changes in the Bosniak-Croat entity, and also at national level ahead of October elections, but so far without success amid deep divisions as Bosniaks fear demands of Croat parties will fuel further divisions inside the entity.


Strasbourg, 25 January 2022, dtt-net.com – Zeljko Komsic, the Croatian Chairman of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) Presidency, Tuesday accused the two neighbouring countries of working to make the country dysfunctional and then control its natural resources.


Zagreb, 26 January 2022, dtt-net.com – The President of Croatia, Zoran Milanovic, today opposed the idea of EU sanctions against the leader of Bosnia Serbs, Milorad Dodik, and said he will block an eventual such move by other member states.

EU brief news


Washington/Pittsbourgh, 30 September 2021, dtt-net.com – The two of the world’s largest economies, which collectively represent 42 percent of world GDP met today to inaugurate joint Trade and Technology Council (TTC), aimed at coordinating “approaches to key global technology, economic, and trade issues” and cooperate in addressing global challenges, mainly on securing semiconductors supply chain and also to focus on clean energy, pharmaceuticals, and critical materials.


London, 23 September 2021, dtt-net.com – “A unique type of tiny antibody produced by llamas could provide a new frontline treatment against Covid-19 that can be taken by patients as a simple nasal spray,” according to scientists at the Rosalind Franklin Institute RFI.



Ankara/Brussels, 06 April 2021, dtt-net.com – The European bloc is aiming for an “honest partnership” with Turkey, but the concern over the situation of human rights in the country is “hampering the process” of fresh attempts to restore relations between the two sides, according to the President of the European Commission (EC) Ursula von der Leyen.



Brussels, 02 April 2021, dtt-net.com – EU representatives together with those of China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom today held a virtual meeting agreeing to continue fresh efforts next week in Vienna, and try convince the government of the United States to return to the 2015 JCPOA deal with Iran, through eventual concessions Washington would be ready to make over economic sanctions to Tehran and at the same time convince the Islamic country to return to the implementation of previously agreed deal measures.


Brussels, 24 March 2021, dtt-net.com – Top representatives of the EU and the USA government of Joe Biden, reaffirmed today in Brussels efforts of the two western powers to reinstate trans-Atlantic relations and partnership damaged by Donald Trump for four years and tackle together worldwide common challenges from China to Africa, of which the fragile stability in the Western Balkans including Kosovo-Serbia talks are the crucial part of joint undertaking in the European bloc’s close neighbourhood.

SPORT/Football News


London, 04 January 2022, dtt-net.com – Southampton Football Club today confirmed that SportRepublic - backed by Lead Investor Dragan Solak - has completed the acquisition of a controlling stake of 80 percent in Southampton Football Club.


13 June 2020, dtt-net.com – The Kosovo right-foot forward of Werder Bremen is back for today’s match against Paderborn, as the two clubs are fighting for crucial points to avoid relegation.


13 June 2020, dtt-net.com – Xherdan Shaqiri and Liverpool are likely to go separate ways as the player is on the list of transfer, provided that interested clubs and the Reds agree on a transfer fee, British media reported.


Prishtina/Brussels, 09 June 2020, dtt-net.com – The 21-year left foot forward/midfielder of the Kosovan national team, Edon Zhegrova, nicknamed in Swiss and his home country as ‘Kosovo’s Lionel Messi’, is attracting the interest of several clubs in France, England, Germany and Italy as well, but dtt-net.com agency learns that the starlet is interested in staying with Swiss’s FC Basel and not return to Belgium’s Genk.


Prishtina/Istanbul, 08 June 2020, dtt-net.com – Kosovo’s forward Vedat Muriqi is likely to move to the Italian club for the 2020/2021 season as FC Lazio has made the offer of 20 Euro million to Fenerbahçe, according to Turkish media.

Energy & Environment


Belgrade, 26 January 2022, dtt-net.com – Pushed to halt exploration licences to the British-Australian company Rio Tinto over lithium mining project, the President of Serbia and his government are starting now to switch to environment protection vocabulary ahead of April early presidential and parliamentary elections promising to invest more in the sector.


Brussels/Prishtina, 24 January 2022, dtt-net.com – The European Commission called Kosovo to liberalize retail electricity market, in the line with commitments made years ago related to the EU’s Third Energy Package,  in order to give Kosovan consumers the right to choose their electricity distributor, as the Turkish owned KEDS/KESCO company continues to have the monopoly in the sector.


Belgrade, 20 January 2022, dtt-net.com – The government of Serbia today said it decided to terminate all licences to Rio Tinto company for the lithium mining project in west of the country, accusing western powers of financing protests of activists and environmentalists.


Prishtina, 18 January 2022, dtt-net.com – Electricity prices are set to increase for households only for families - depending on their monthly consumption  - amid hike of import prices in global markets, according to a proposal made today by the energy regulatory office, with the government expected to relief new bills by pumping in financial aid.


Belgrade, 18 January 2022, dtt-net.com – The lithium mining project in Serbia of the British-Australian company is halted for the time being, with the prime minister showing scepticism that the project with pass through without consent of inhabitants of the western municipality of Loznica, and the company announcing a delay of its production plans for a year as the government hasn’t still issued exploitation licence following fierce resistance by environmentalist to the massive project which could make Serbia global player in the lithium-batteries and electric vehicles production.

Business / Economy


Prishtina, 24 November 2021, dtt-net.com – Kosovo’s government said it’s preparing to impose new anti-dumping measures on certain imports from Serbia, aimed at protecting Kosovan producers from unfair practices by the neighbouring country.


Brussels, 11 November 2021, dtt-net.com – Montenegro will have the highest economic growth amidst Western Balkans countries this year, according to the European Commission (EC), which joined EBRD forecast in putting the country at the top of the list of the aspirant region with its forecast.


Podgorica, 04 November 2021, dtt-net.com – The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) today said that according to its forecast the economic growth in Montenegro will be at 12.3 percent, followed by Albania with 8%, Kosovo 7.7%, Serbia 6.5 %, Bosnia and Herzegovina 4.5% and North Macedonia 4.0 %.


Athens, 02 November 2021, dtt-net.com – Serbian foreign affairs minister told Greek businessmen Tuesday that the country “is the fastest growing economy in Europe” at which more than 75000 people are employed by German companies, while this year and for the first time, Chinese companies are the biggest investors and also biggest exporters from Serbia.


Prishtina, 02 November 2021, dtt-net.com – Nearly 1000 workers of the privately-owned Ferronickel company are seeking intervention of Kosovan government after the suspension of production following increase of electricity prices as result of global energy crisis.



Brussels, 25 January 2022, dtt-net.com – France and Germany today used a Transparency International (TI) report praising Kosovo of making some progress last year in the fight against corruption, after Paris since 2018 said it disagrees with the positive assessment over the same with the European Commission (EC), which few believed in the official clash between the EC and the group of countries led by French authorities. 

 By Ekrem Krasniqi


 "Today we find inspiration in the history of France and Germany and in the successful reconciliation of our peoples also for our engagement in Kosovo and in the Western Balkans. To yearn for joining the European Union also means to comprehend this dimension of the European construction. The European Union could not have been built without the willingness of the peoples to live together".

By Marie-Christine Butel and Jorn Rohde


By Genc Pollo 

Images of violence in and around the headquarters of the opposition Democratic Party of Albania were to be seen on Saturday and prompted criticism. However understanding the context is more relevant to the recent political developments in Albania.


"Kosovo can do better; people deserve better. The EU not only offers opportunities, it also stands ready to help Kosovo in making the most of them, in honest partnership and mutual respect. EU has been supporting Kosovo also financially. The EU is here to keep supporting Kosovo to seize all the opportunities; it all depends on Kosovo commitment." 

By Ambassador Tomas Szunyog


By Ekrem Krasniqi 

Prishtina, 03 January 2022, dtt-net.com – Politicians in Kosovo believe that France, which took the six-month EU Presidency on Saturday will end its blockade - together with Denmark and Netherlands - once President Emmanuel Macron is re-elected in May,  and end visa regime by July, but what will Kosovo be asked to give in exchange at the moment when EU and the USA are pressing hard Prishtina  for more special power to Serbia backed Serb minority in exchange which many in Kosovo fear will be the open door to Bosnianization of the country  ?!