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W. Balkans General News


Sarajevo/Belgrade, 29 October 2020, dtt-net.com – The surge of coronavirus continues fast in the Western Balkans six countries, with Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Serbia today counting nearly half of new infections in the region in the last 24 hours.


Brussels, 29 October 2020, dtt-net.com – Today’s talks between Kosovo and Serbia officials mediated by the EU over pensions, cadastres ended without any progress made, according Kosovan government.


Prishtina/Belgrade, 29 October 2020, dtt-net.com – Leaders of Western Balkans six countries condemned today’s terrorist attack in Nice and expressed solidarity with France.


Tirana, 29 October 2020, dtt-net.com - The Parliament of Albania today rejected calls by country's President for review of electoral code changes, thus paving the way for the reform - wanted by smaller parties and protested by two main opposition parties - enter into force for next year parliamentary elections.


Prishtina, 28 October 2020, dtt-net.com – German officials today renewed EU calls for an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia reiterating its importance for the stability of the region and its EU pathway.

EU brief news


Brussels, 02 February 2020, dtt-net.com – The chief of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell will be in Tehran Monday and Tuesday in a fresh effort of the European governments to 'preserve' the 2015 deal and try reach political solution to the ongoing crisis between Iran and the USA.


Brussels, 24 January 2020, dtt-net.com – The UK wants the amount back as it will not be allowed to fully use EU’s navigation satellite system, Galileo, because of leaving the bloc, but the European Commission (EC) is keeping silent over it at the moment awaiting the end of Brexit transitory period for a final verdict over money dispute.


Brussels, 08 January 2020, dtt-net.com – The President of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen and EU’s chief of diplomacy Josep Borrell today urged the USA and Iran to de-escalate the growing tensions between the two countries saying that the “the use of weapons must stop now to give space to dialogue” as “it is in no one’s interest to turn up the spiral of violence even further”, after two Iraq basis housing American forces were hit last night by Tehran in retaliation to the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.


Zagreb, 07 January 2020, dtt-net.com - 14 members of the Croatian army have been redeployed from Baghdad to Kuwait following the NATO decision to suspend training of Iraqi forces amid the US-Iran crisis, Croatian defense ministry announced today.


Brussels, 28 October 2019, dtt-net.com – 27 EU governments have agreed to postpone Brexit deadline until January 31, giving more time to the British parliament to ratify the revised withdrawal agreement from the European bloc, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk announced.

Football News


13 June 2020, dtt-net.com – The Kosovo right-foot forward of Werder Bremen is back for today’s match against Paderborn, as the two clubs are fighting for crucial points to avoid relegation.


13 June 2020, dtt-net.com – Xherdan Shaqiri and Liverpool are likely to go separate ways as the player is on the list of transfer, provided that interested clubs and the Reds agree on a transfer fee, British media reported.


Prishtina/Brussels, 09 June 2020, dtt-net.com – The 21-year left foot forward/midfielder of the Kosovan national team, Edon Zhegrova, nicknamed in Swiss and his home country as ‘Kosovo’s Lionel Messi’, is attracting the interest of several clubs in France, England, Germany and Italy as well, but dtt-net.com agency learns that the starlet is interested in staying with Swiss’s FC Basel and not return to Belgium’s Genk.


Prishtina/Istanbul, 08 June 2020, dtt-net.com – Kosovo’s forward Vedat Muriqi is likely to move to the Italian club for the 2020/2021 season as FC Lazio has made the offer of 20 Euro million to Fenerbahçe, according to Turkish media.


Prishtina, 07 June 2020, dtt-net.com – The 23-year forward of FC Prishtina shined today with three goals against FC Ferizaj, as the team of the Kosovan capital club is now only 2 points behind the leader of the Superliga, Ballkani, with 10 more games to go for the title.

Energy & Environment


Tirana, 13 October 2020, dtt-net.com – The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which passes through Greece and Albania to Italy, “is complete” and ready to receive natural gas from Azerbaijan, after more than four years since its construction started, according to a press release from the company.


Brussels, 09 October 2020, dtt-net.com – The European Commission (EC) has asked EU member states and the European Parliament (EP) to finance ten energy (gas and renewables)  infrastructure projects in Western Balkans six countries as part of the proposal for an Economic and Investment Plan for the region presented Tuesday.


Zagreb, 02 October 2020, dtt-net.com – The USA State Secretary Mike Pompeo said today during a visit to Croatia that Washington wants countries of Western Balkans, Southern Europe and of Eastern Europe purchase more LNG from the USA and depend less on Russian gas.


Skopje, 02 October 2020, dtt-net.com – The Prime Minister of North Macedonia discussed today in Skopje with the United States Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Francis R. Fannon, possibilities of purchasing USA LNG through the gas terminal near Alexandropoli in Greece which could then injected in the gas interconnector - yet to be constructed  -between the two neighbouring countries in the Balkans.


Brussels, 02 October 2020, dtt-net.com - EU Member States agreed yesterday on a proposal by the European Commission (EC) to grant €28 million for construction of the Bulgaria-Serbia 62.2 km long gas interconnector.

Business / Economy


Tirana, 07 October 2020, dtt-net.com – Because of Covid19 pandemic, economic growth in the Western Balkans six countries is expected to shrink by 4.8 percent in 2020 - a steeper recession than envisioned in June, the World Bank said in a report today.


Tirana, 03 October 2020, dtt-net.com - Albanian and American governments today signed a Memorandum of Understanging (MoU) aimed at boosting economic ties between the two countries, including on 5G technology standard for broadband cellular networks, on top of construction of a 120 MWh hydropower plant (HPP) by American company Bechtel.


Prishtina, 30 September 2020, dtt-net.com – The GDP of Kosovo decreased for -9,28 percent in the second trimester this year compared to the same period in 2019, according to Kosovan statistical agency.


Tirana, 29 September 2020, dtt-net.com – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that Albanian economy is expected to contract by 7,5 percent this year because of Covid19 pandemic damages to the economy, thus revising its outlook of April.


Tirana, 24 September 2020, dtt-net.com – Albania has recorded a 64.2 percent fall of the number of tourists during the eight months of this year, compared to the same period last year, according to the new official data.



The release of the EU’s enlargement reports has moved from being a top event for the countries involved to a non-event, in thousands of pages. Declining interest in enlargement is not the only reason for this – it also reflects the reporting process itself.

By Florian Bieber


Bosnia-Herzegovina is the third major target of pan-Serbianism. The country remains dysfunctional primarily because of the blocking policies of the autonomous Republika Srpska (RS). Its leader, Milorad Dodik, periodically threatens separatism to create a new Serbian state. The territory has a predominantly Serbian population following the war-time genocide of the Bosniaks.

By Janusz Bugajski


By Daniel Serwer

Washington, dtt-net.com - President Trump today claimed to have done what no one else has ever done before: negotiated an historic agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.


By Miodrag Vlahovic

Podgorica, 18 August 2020, dtt-net.com - Campaigning for the August 30 parliamentary elections campaign in Montenegro is entering its final stage. A déjà vu impression is inevitable. The main-stream political battle has remained in the same trenches from 1997 until this day. Political differences and distinctions have been defined along the same lines in both presidential or parliamentary elections. Even most local elections follow the same pattern and reflect the same issues.


By Daniel Serwer

 You will hear from many people who live in the Western Balkans, especially in Bosnia and Serbia, that nothing has changed (since the end of Balkans wars). This reflects their disappointment in what has happened in the last 25 years. I share that disappointment. I would like to have seen far more progress.